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[PC硬件] ATI / Nvidia的下一代版本日期/价格更新

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ATI/Nvidia next generation release dates/price update
Published on Wednesday, September 16 2009 9:55 pm by Sub              
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AMD GPG (ATI) and Nvidia are hard at work with their 40nm DX11 products, and consumers can expect a flurry of DX11 products across multiple segments all the way till 2010. Of course, most of these dates are purely based on speculation and rumours.
On the ATI side, we have the entire Evergreen family - beginning with Cypress (5800), continuing with Juniper (5700) and Hemlock (dual-5800), finishing up with Redwood and Cedar (entry-level). Things are far more uncertain as far as Nvidia is concerned, with rumours of significant problems (such as terrible sub-10% yields) with the upcoming GT300 products. We can, however, expect GT200b shrinks/rebrands as well.
Here's a rough schedule of speculated release dates. Price ranges are included:
September 22nd - ATI Radeon HD 5850/5870, $249-299 / $349-399 (Cypress). Widespread availability, late-September.
October, 3rd week - ATI Radeon HD 5750/5770, $149/$199 (Juniper).
Late-October, early-November - ATI Dual-Cypress "Hemlock" (rumored to be ATI Radeon HD 5870 X2), $499-599.
Q4 2009 - Nvidia rebrands, (much-delayed) GT200b 40nm shrinks (GT214, GT216, GT218)
Late-December 2009/January 2010 - Nvidia GT300 (Rumoured to be Nvidia Geforce 380). Widespread availability, Q1 2010.
Early Q1 2010 - ATI Redwood ($99-$119), Cedar (<$99) (Entry level - rumoured to be 5600 and 5300/5500 series, respectively)
Q2 2010 - Cypress refresh/die shrink, GT300 derivatives (?)
As we can see, we have a clear direction of where ATI is headed, but things are quite obscure as far as Nvidia is concerned. However, it's early to write off Nvidia yet. Remember G80? ATI did it with RV770 too. GT300 may turn out to be a monster chip, in the end, once they solve their yield issues. Or maybe they have a dual-GT300 card in store. Having said that, there is no doubt that ATI have a significant upper-hand moving into the DirectX 11 era.

ATI / Nvidia的下一代版本日期/价格更新




9月22日- ATI Radeon高清五千八百七十分之五千八百五十,$ 249-299 / $ 349-399(赛普拉斯)。的广泛适用性,9月底。
10月,第3周-的ATI Radeon HD五千七百七分之五千七百五十○,149美元/ 199美元(瞻博)。
10月底,11月初- ATI的双赛普拉斯“铁杉”(传闻的ATI Radeon HD 5870 X2)的,$ 499-599。
2009年第四季度- NVIDIA公司正式更名,(拖延已久)GT200b 40纳米缩小(GT214,GT216,GT218)
晚12月2009/January 2010 - Nvidia的GT300(据传是nVIDIA的Geforce 380)。的广泛适用性,第一季度到2010年。
1季度初2010 - ATI的红木($ 99 - $ 119),雪松(“$ 99)(入门级-传闻5600和五千五分之五千三百系列,分别为)
第二季度2010 -赛普拉斯刷新/模具收缩,GT300衍生物(?)

我们可以看到,我们有一个领导在ATI是明确的方向,但情况非常模糊,据Nvidia公司的关注。然而,它的早期注销Nvidia公司还。记住G80级?与RV770的ATI没有它。 GT300可能会变成一个怪物芯片,最后,一旦解决产量问题。或者,他们有一个双GT300卡存储。话虽如此,但毫无疑问,ATI也有显着上层则进入了DirectX 11时代迈进。
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