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[PC硬件] Bullet Physics劈腿了:刚和AMD好上又和NV眉来眼去

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Erwin,Bullet physics创始人声称:AMD 的物理加速将适用于任何Opencl标准的驱动。我们正在用Geforce卡来开发,甚至用NV的opencl sdk 代码。很不错!!

ATI supported Bullet Physics developed on Geforce                                                                
Slap in the face

We have seen a presentation where Nvidia claims that Mr. Erwin Coumans, the creator of Bullet Physics Engine, said that he developed Bullet physics on Geforce cards. The bad thing for ATI is that they are betting on this open standard physics tech as the one that they want to accelerate on their GPUs.

"ATI’s Bullet GPU acceleration via Open CL will work with any compliant drivers, we use NVIDIA Geforce cards for our development and even use code from their OpenCL SDK, they are a great technology partner. “ said Erwin.

This means that Bullet physics is being developed on Nvidia Geforce cards even though ATI is supposed to get driver and hardware acceleration for Bullet Physics. With such a statement we comes to question whether ATI has any kind of OpenCL driver that it can push for its own Physics. Even if they do, Nvidia is far ahead with PhysX and Intel won’t let them accelerate Havok, as this is a good task for Larrabee, whenever that comes.

To spice things up, Bullet (AMD/ ATI supported) physics is listing that PhysX with 26.8 percent is the most popular physics library, at least according to Gamedeveloper magazine. Intel’s Havok is second with saucy 22.7 percent and Bullet is third with 10.4 percent. The AMD supported API is clearly behind the competition, but it's still better than Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) that has 4.1 percent of the market.

You can check this here.  
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AMD 是从 CUDA 把 Bullet Physics 移植到 OpenCL 之上,NVIDIA 又在炫耀自己了。*/-91
而且又是 Fudzilla,现在 Fudzilla 像 BSN 一样越来越 N 枪了。*/-27
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AMD 是从 CUDA 把 Bullet Physics 移植到 OpenCL 之上,NVIDIA 又在炫耀自己了。*/-91
而且又是 Fudzilla,现在 Fudzilla 像 BSN 一样越来越 N 枪了。*/-27
idle.man5216 发表于 2009-9-24 11:17

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OPENCL早點定下標準 還改什麽
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也不是坏事來的 */-12
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