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[PC硬件] SmoothCreations公司发布预超频950MHz的Radeon HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc

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SmoothCreations releases Radeon HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc
Written by Jon Worrel    
Saturday, 26 September 2009 01:54

950MHz core, 5200MHz GDDR5, fast

Just recently,
our good friends over at SmoothCreations unveiled the world’s fastest Radeon HD 5870 1GB card that is guaranteed to put a dent in the performance barrier that the 40nm generation has to offer.

The guys at the company were able to overclock the industry’s latest single-GPU flagship model to an impressive 950MHz core, up from the 850MHz stock frequency. We applaud SmoothCreations for its successful new venture into the GPU market with reasonable performance achievements.

The SmoothCreations Radeon HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc was clocked to kick some you-know-what, and as Mario Gastelum, director of product development and engineering and SmoothCreations says: "We didn’t just want a fast card out in the market, we wanted the fastest card that could kick the living daylights and bust some performance records. And that’s exactly what our engineers accomplished”.

The company states that the firmware was modified for the factory pre-overclocked frequencies and can be pushed even further, similar to EVGA’s lineup of SuperClocked, SSC and FTW Edition cards.

“Typically, the Catalyst Control Center controls overclocking capabilities, but those capability thresholds are limited by fixed and conservative clock speeds in the BIOS. We unlocked that BIOS and released the card’s true potential. The custom firmware has been unlocked to push these cards to frequency settings of up to 950MHz [GPU core] and 1400MHz [memory],” said Mario.

SmoothCreations is offering its latest smooth creation with an optional custom liquid cooling system from DangerDen, and we're pretty interested in viewing performance results.

Unfortunately, the only downside is the fact that the HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc is only available with SmoothCreations systems and is not available for purchase separately. However, it is available as of now on a variety of custom system configurations.

大意:该公司将通过解锁限定GPU核心频率的BIOS,释放HD 5870显卡的潜能。通过解锁后,显卡核心频率(默认850MHz)可达到950MHz,显存频率可以达到1400MHz。该公司还声称,预超频的频率还可以设定的更高。
遗憾的是HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc显卡只会出现在SmoothCreations公司制造的PC系统内,无法单独购买,只有该公司不同的定制机上才会内置该显卡。

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这么快連超頻版都有了 , 可惜不單賣
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2G  都 不  配 950主频*/-91

我好想等 个2G*/-40
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