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[通讯科技] iOS 8可能配备Healthbook健康管理软件,或配合iWatch工作

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Apple is squeezing into its lycra jumpsuit and is getting ready to launch products with a health and fitness focus, according to a report.
Its next mobile operating system, iOS 8, will launch this year, and will double as a personal trainer, sources have told 9to5Mac. An app codenamed Healthbook will come as standard, and will monitor how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've burned, how many miles you've walked, as well as how much weight you've (hopefully) lost. It'll also play nice with Apple's much-rumoured iWatch timepiece.
As well as fitness stats, Healthbook will monitor your vital signs. These include blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate, and glucose levels, sources tell 9to5Mac. You could also set it to remind you when it's time to take your pills.
I've contacted Apple for comment and will update this story if I hear back.
As the name suggests, Healthbook is likely to use a similar user interface to Passbook, Apple's digital replacement for wallets. You use it by swiping between virtual cards in a stack.
The iPhone 5S features Apple's M7 chip, which, the company said, will allow a new generation of health and fitness apps. But a wrist-worn device will be better placed for some functions, like monitoring blood pressure. This is where the iWatch comes in.
Healthbook could collate and display the health data recorded by the iWatch. (Apple recently hired an expert in using medical tech to measure blood glucose levels, whose knowledge could be used in the iWatch, let's not forget.)
According to the sources, iOS 8 is due to be released this year. If it does pack these new health monitoring skills, expect the iWatch to follow hot on its heels.
Do you use health and fitness apps? How could Apple improve them? What will the iWatch have to do to stand out from the crowd of fitness bands recently launched? Let me know in the comments, or jog on over to our Facebook page.

9to5Mac报道,苹果的下一款移动操作系统,iOS 8,会在今年推出,并将成为产品用户的私人健身教练。一款名叫Healthbook的应用程序将被预装在系统中,并且会监测用户走过的步数、燃烧的热量、走过的里程,以及你理论上可以减去的重量。它也会和苹果正传言将推出的iWatch紧密配合。
iPhone 5S配备了据称将支持新一代健康管理应用的M7芯片,但是一个佩戴在手腕上的设备,如iWatch,将更胜任诸如测量血压之类功能。
各方面消息来源指出,iOS 8今年大有可能发布。如果它真的配备上述功能,iWatch可能紧接着会推出。

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